Jul 30, 2008

Looking Back: Catcher Predictions

As August approaches, now is a good time for a sanity check on many of the pre-season prognostications made here at Roto Advantage. We'll start with the pre-season Buy-Sell recommendations for catchers - here's how they've played out to this point using the current rankings across all MLB by both the RotoTimes and ESPN Player Raters:

  • Ivan Rodriguez - #7 catcher on RotoTimes / #9 on ESPN

    Looks like we missed on this one. The reason for the sell recommendation was based largely on age and injury risk, but this guy is just a machine.

  • Jason Varitek - #55 on RotoTimes / #33 on ESPN

    Looks like a pretty good prediction.

  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia - #32 on RotoTimes / #32 on ESPN

    Again, right on the money. Especially good considering how many were predicting Salty would be a Top 12 catcher.


  • Dioner Navarro - #12 on RotoTimes / #12 on ESPN
  • Chris Snyder - #18 on RotoTimes / #19 on ESPN
  • Ryan Doumit - #3 on RotoTimes / #4 on ESPN

FINAL ANALYSIS: Unless you dealt Pudge straight up for Snyder, you probably ended up quite happy with any moves you made following our pre-season catcher buy-sell recommendations.

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