Jul 31, 2008

Next? Manny, Dunn, Bay, Maddux, Fuentes and more!

Today is the big day! The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is at 4pm ET. Lots of major buzz heading into the final 10 hours:

  • Manny Ramirez to the Marlins?
  • Adam Dunn to the Rays?
  • Jason Bay to the Red Sox? Or to the Rays?
  • Brian Fuentes - going or staying?
  • Greg Maddux heading back to the Dodgers?
All these rumors and more - to stay on top of it all the best place to monitor today is the ESPN MLB Trade Deadline Blog - it's being manned by the whole ESPN team: Gammons, Olney, Stark, Law and the gang. It's the one place to be to stay on top of what's happening before it actually happens!

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