Jul 16, 2008

Top 100 Player Rankings for Second Half

Unless you're playing in a second half league, there's not a tremendous amount of value in straight ranking lists at this point. However, it is possible to gain some insights into the opinions of experts based on their ranking of certain players in relation to the overall 'norm'.

The latest list comes from the experts at razzball.com - here are the highlights:

A little on the high side?

#13 - Miguel Cabrera
#14 - Mark Teixeira
#27 - Vladimir Guerrero
#34 - B.J. Upton
#70 - Kevin Kouzmanoff
#92 - Jeff Francoeur

A little on the low side?

#17 - Josh Hamilton
#26 - CC Sabathia
#61 - Pat Burrell
#83 - Chad Billingsley

Check out the whole list which includes some commentary on the rankings.

Fantasy Baseball Top 100 for Second Half of 2008 [Razzball]

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