Feb 26, 2008

Catchers: Buy/Sell Recommendations

So you just finished your draft and you don't quite feel 100% stoked about your team. You are not in the minority my friend. Just look at the ESPN, Yahoo and other fantasy baseball forums. They are completely overloaded with "How's my team?" and "What should I do to improve my team?" posts. Whether you have already drafted, or you are preparing to lock in your 2008 keeper list - the following series of posts will give you a good place to start in making some of those 'tweaking your team' trades.

The basic premise behind this series is this: position a player on the 'Sell' list as more of a primary piece of a trade offer while seeking an upgrade at another position and try to get a player on the 'Buy' list as a filler/throw-in on the deal. You're not going to lose nearly as much as you might think in swapping those two players, plus you're going to upgrade elsewhere at the same time - that is how you win leagues!

One last piece of information. The 'Sell' players are basically going in higher rounds or for more auction money than they truly warrant based on what they'll likely produce for 2008. The 'Buy' players are just the opposite, going in lower rounds or for less money than what they'll likely produce for 2008.

Now - on to the recommendations...


  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Pudge enters 2008 at 36 years of age - old by starting catcher standards. He's been incredibly durable over the past few seasons, but the signs of decline are starting to show. Last season Pudge managed to hit a respectable .271 after the break, but with only 3 home runs and 17 RBI - compared to his first half line of .288-8-46.

  • Jason Varitek

    Varitek is only five months younger than Pudge - he'll turn 36 in April. His 2nd half decline was rather dramatic as well. Before the break, Varitek hit .279 with a K-Rate of .242. After the break, he only hit .225 and more alarmingly saw his K-Rate jump up to a Wily Mo Pena-like .330.

  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia

    This sell recommendation comes with a few caveats. First, if you're in a keeper league you want to make certain your team is truly a contender before you consider moving Salty and second, you need to make sure you get maximum value for his 'future production'. That being said, if you're playing for this year - Saltalamacchia is not likely to deliver the value to validate where he's being drafted and the type of auction money he's going for.


  • Dioner Navarro

    Navarro's strong 2nd half was detailed in the previous post Breakout Hitters - Pt. 3 the main highlight being his power surge, going from only one 1st half home run and hitting a weak .177 to eight homers in the 2nd half with a .285 batting average.

  • Chris Snyder

    Snyder hit a respectable .252 with 13 homers and 47 RBI in 2007. His batting average dropped off in the 2nd half, but his other peripherals stayed pretty much level indicating bad luck was responsible for some portion of the decline. Snyder just turned 27, the magical breakout age for hitters with more than a full big league season under their belt - and Snyder's 932 career at-bats bode well for him developing further in 2008. Don't let the presence of Miguel Montero scare you off. Word out of the D-Backs camp is that Snyder is again going to get more playing time than Montero in 2008.

  • Ryan Doumit

    Doumit will turn 27 the first week of the season and with his 632 career at-bats, he also possesses that magical breakout combination of age and experience. The word out of Pirates camp is that Doumit is looking good and they really want to give him significant playing time behind the plate in 2008. This could finally be the year he puts it all together.

And there you have it - I'd love to hear your thoughts/reactions either by posting a comment below - or feel free to try my new 'GrandCentral' service in the right margin. GrandCentral will call your phone number and connect you to me (or my voicemail) for free!

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