Jul 18, 2008

Who's going to move before the trade deadline?

More big deals have been made already this season than any season in recent memory. With Sabathia, Harden and Blanton off the board - who's next?

Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus dives deep into who's available, what it might take to get them, and what impact they might have for the acquiring team.

Sheehan's list includes:
  1. Jason Bay (potential buyers include the Mets, Braves and Diamondbacks)
  2. Erik Bedard (to the Yankees?)
  3. Adrian Beltre (to the Twins?)
  4. Milton Bradley (to the Tigers?)
  5. Justin Duchscherer (Really? Wow!)
  6. Adam Dunn (to the Diamondbacks?)

Check out the complete list along with the excellent detailed analysis at today's Prospectus Today post.

Prospectus Today: Bubble Boys [Baseball Prospectus]

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