Jul 16, 2008

Second Half Expectations: Center Field

As usual, Marc Normandin provides a detailed, meaningful analysis of player performance to date, how it stacks up to pre-season projections, and what story the numbers inside the numbers tell with regard to future performance expectations.

Marc dives deep to provide insights on:
  • Pursuing Nate McLouth as a trade target - good idea or not? (Answer: good idea)
  • What's going on with B.J. Upton's power outage
  • Chris B. Young - ride out his low production or deal for what you can get?
  • Lastings Milledge - victim of bad luck? Second half saviour?

All this can be found in Marc's most recent (and free) BP Fantasy Beat article.

Mid-Season Retooling: Center Field [Baseball Prospectus]

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