Mar 3, 2008

2nd Basemen: Buy/Sell Recommendations

Quick recap of the concept for this series: The 'Sell' players are basically going in higher rounds or for more auction money than they truly warrant based on what they'll likely produce for 2008. The 'Buy' players are just the opposite, going in lower rounds or for less money than what they'll likely produce for 2008.

2nd Basemen to SELL:
  • Jeff Kent

    This recommendation is more a combination of common sense, plus hunch as the data certainly does not back it up. Kent actually had a nice resurgence the 2nd half of 2007, mainly due to an absolutely scorching July where Kent's batting line was an amazing .447 / .737 / 1.237. He turns 40 this month and he hasn't topped 500 at-bats the past two seasons. It's hard to see him topping that mark ever again, and while he should still deliver above-average value when he is in the lineup - it's better to let another owner deal with that uncertainty.

  • Dustin Pedroia

    I'm not a big believer in the sophomore jinx, but AL ROY Pedroia is still going too high for a second baseman who will be lucky to crack into the double-digit range in home runs and stolen bases. Leverage the AL ROY and Red Sox Nation hype to sell high on Pedroia - you'll be better off with any of the BUY candidates listed below.

2nd Basemen to BUY:

  • Kelly Johnson

    Johnson was a bit inconsistent in his first full season in the bigs and seemed to wear down in August and September. This is understandable since he missed almost the entire 2006 season recovering from Tommy John surgery. Johnson's best month was July when he put up a batting line of .356 / .658 / 1.085. Expect around a .290 average, 20 homers, 90 runs, 70 RBI and 15 steals for 2008.

  • Aaron Hill

    Hill showed very solid improvement over the 2nd half of 2007 putting up a batting line of .320 / .488 / .831 - he's basically Dustin Pedroia within the Red Sox hype and unfortunately without the supporting cast. He's not going to match Pedroia's runs scored or RBI, but he'll be right with him in all the other categories, and for much cheaper.

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