Feb 25, 2008

20 players mimimally impacted by their new 2008 home ballpark

Wrapping up the series on the impact of park factors for players switching teams in 2008 is the group of players who's new home ballpark is relatively neutral in comparison to last year's home ballpark. Here they are, ranked from slight positive impact to slight negative impact:
  1. Pedro Feliz (.047 factor gap)
  2. Brian Schneider (.042)
  3. Ryan Church (.042)
  4. Geoff Jenkins (.023)
  5. Dontrelle Willis (.017)
  6. David Eckstein (.011)
  7. Scott Rolen (.011)
  8. Tom Glavine (.004)
  9. Orlando Cabrera (-0.001)
  10. Jon Garland (-0.001)
  11. Troy Glaus (-0.011)
  12. Miguel Cabrera (-0.017)
  13. Delmon Young (-0.026)
  14. Matt Garza (-0.026)
  15. Carlos Quentin (-0.027)
  16. Brad Wilkerson (-0.031)
  17. Eric Gagne (-0.032)
  18. Miguel Olivo (-0.035)
  19. Aaron Rowand (-0.047)
  20. Johan Santana (-0.049)

Frankly, I was surprised to see that the gap between Philadelphia's Citizens Bank Park and San Francisco's SBC Park wasn't larger - you see that gap reflected for both Aaron Rowand and Pedro Feliz who cross paths en route to their new teams.

The other surprise to me was for Johan Santana. My gut reaction was that pitching in Shea Stadium would be an even bigger boost for him, but not so. Of course the switch to the NL will more than make up for the park factor variance.

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