Feb 22, 2008

The 15 players hurt most by their new 2008 home ballpark

Part Two of answering the question "How will the switch in home ballparks impact players switching teams?" I've completed a somewhat simplistic analysis using the 2007 park factors and calculated the gap from old to new home park - here are the results, listed in ascending order (#1 is hurt the most) by the size of the gap in factors from the old home park to the new home park:

  1. Tadahito Iguchi (-0.329 factor gap)
  2. Cliff Floyd (-0.279)
  3. Dan Haren (-0.278)
  4. Miguel Tejada (-0.208)
  5. Matt Albers (-0.208)
  6. Jim Edmonds (-0.178)
  7. Jon Lieber (-0.138)
  8. Michael Bourn (-0.133)
  9. Brad Lidge (-0.133)
  10. Edinson Volquez (-0.116)
  11. Josh Hamilton (-0.116)
  12. Francisco Cordero (-0.084)
  13. Carlos Silva (-0.081)
  14. Jason Jennings (-0.078)
  15. Salomon Torres (-0.066)

Only a few names on this list really standout as many of these players didn't put in a full season in the majors last year. Of note are:

  • Dan Haren - the fact that he's switching from the AL to the NL should mitigate the negative impact of his park change.
  • Miguel Tejada
  • Brad Lidge
  • Josh Hamilton

Next post - the players who should experience negligible impact from their home ballpark switch for 2008. A few on that list are surprising as you might have expected them to be on either the helped or hurt lists.

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