Aug 6, 2008

Looking Back: NL MVP Predictions

Again, back on April 1st, I made the following predictions for the 2008 NL MVP Award:

David Wright

Ryan Braun

Mark Teixeira

"Wouldn't it be cool if" pick
Albert Pujols

"Cats and dogs living together" pick
J.J. Hardy

David Wright has been great, but not spectacularly great. Still, if he gets hot down the stretch and leads the Mets to the NL East title he's going to win the award.

Ryan Braun is very much in the conversation - he has really turned it on over the past month or more. Still, no playoffs for the Brewers would mean no real MVP consideration for Braun.

Mark Teixeira definitely was a darkhorse. He underproduced his way to Anaheim so he's WAY out of the picture.

Albert Pujols was predicted by most to not be a true MVP candidate at the start of the season due to his elbow injury, the seemingly weak Cardinals team, and the chance that he could be shut down by August if the Cards were out of the playoff hunt. None of those are factors at this point as the Cards are definitely in the playoff hunt and Pujols has been a steady producer.

J.J. Hardy - again, day is not night and night is not day so all is right with the world.

Here are my current odds for winning the 2008 NL MVP Award:

3:1 - Hanley Ramirez
4:1 - David Wright
6:1 - Albert Pujols
9:1 - Ryan Braun
15:1 - Lance Berkman
15:1 - Jose Reyes
25:1 - Matt Holliday
25:1 - Chase Utley

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