Aug 12, 2008

2008 Master List of Sleepers: Quarterbacks

Starting in early July, you can't surf the web without running into fantasy football sleeper lists. They are everywhere. So, do you pick one trusted source and go with that? Or scan as many as possible? If you prefer the latter, I've done the work for you! At the bottom of this post is the list of 14 different sources of sleeper lists that I've reviewed to compile a master sleeper list. The one thing you can count on is that if a player is appearing on a LOT of sleeper lists, they are NOT going to be a sleeper in most drafts!

Let's start with the QBs, ranked by the number of sleeper lists they appear on:

8 lists - too many to really be a sleeper:
- Jake Delhomme, CAR

5 lists - still too many to be a sleeper:
- Aaron Rodgers, GB

4 lists - possibly still a sleeper if your league mates don't study at all:
- Jason Campbell, WAS
- Trent Edwards, BUF
- Matt Leinart, ARI

- Matt Schaub, HOU

3 lists:
- Marc Bulger, STL
- Jay Cutler, DEN
- JaMarcus Russell, OAK

- Alex Smith, SF

2 lists:
- David Garrard, JAC
- Tavaris Jackson, MIN
- Philip Rivers, SD

And the massive list of every other QB in the NFL that made one list - Kellen Clemens, NYJ ; Brett Favre, NYJ (Really? A sleeper? Come on!) ; Joe Flacco, BAL ; Matt Moore, CAR ; Chad Pennington, FA ; Sage Rosenfels, HOU ; Drew Stanton, DET ; Kurt Warner, ARI

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