Apr 1, 2008

2008 NL MVP Predictions

Lock: David Wright

Runner-up: Ryan Braun

Darkhorse: Mark Teixeira

"Wouldn't it be cool if" pick: Albert Pujols

"Cats and dogs living together" pick: J.J. Hardy


Anonymous said...

How is pujols the wouldn't it be cool if pick, he's obviously the lock, did david wright hit .357 with 37 home runs, 116 rbi, career highs in walks and obps. and a slugging pct. at least 50 points higher than anyone else in the majors... yeah he's the "wouldn't it be cool if" pick

Randy Hale said...

I picked Pujols as the "Wouldn't it be cool if" pick back on April 1st because at the time there was a lot of buzz around his injury and predictions that he would opt for surgery and shut it down by August if the Cards were out of the race. Of course the Cards stayed in the race and Pujols played all season, which in my opinion is pretty cool!